As we come to the close of Black History Month 2021, we continue to joyfully celebrate the valuable contributions made by a diaspora of people bound by experience, vision and pride.

Black History Month dates back to 1926 when an African-American historian named Carter G. Woodson chose a week in February to focus on celebrating the accomplishments of people of African descent. He chose February because two historically important men were born in that month.

The first, Frederick Douglas, was a former slave in the 1800s who spoke out against slavery and supported equal rights for women.

The second man was Abraham Lincoln. As the 16th president of the United States, Lincoln fought for the freedom of enslaved people. Consequently, the NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909, the centennial of Lincoln's birth.

This week-long celebration later became a month-long event in the US when in 1976, President Gerald Ford recognized BHM, calling upon the public to, "seize the opportunity to honor the too often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history." In 1995, Canada officially recognized February as Black History Month.

During BHM we speak of identity, diversity, and representation. Deep conversations that act as a catalyst for change within our homes, peer-relationships, and workplaces. They upend long-held beliefs about what it means to be black or a person of color and build positive narratives for our children and the future.

Equality, sustainability and community are the pillars of SEGI.TV. As we share and create content, we do so with full awareness of the challenging journeys many have undergone enabling us to build our dream. We are privileged to follow in their footsteps.

BHM opens wide the doors to our past, our abilities and accomplishments, and to universal experiences and future aspirations.

In order to successfully move forward, we draw from a rich cultural history. In the world of entertainment, we appreciate and admire personalities such as Cicely Tyson, now gone but she won't be forgotten. Her indomitable strength of character and great talent opened doors and helped dismantle the pervasive stereotypes of women and Black people.

During BHM we are reminded of where we came from, who we are, and what is yet to come.

Acclaimed author, Dr. Maya Angelou, pointed out that although you may experience defeat, you are not to be defeated, and that these critical moments contain the seeds to recognizing who you are.

Through the diligent work of both African and European historians, we are honored to see the vast contributions made to the world by Afrocentric culture from medicine and engineering, to astronomy and math, and so much more. As an example, we now see how Egyptian science and technology provided the foundation for the evolution of the entire world, in the past, this information was kept quiet, but having knowledge of it now, provides a sense of history and pride.

Black History Month serves to share positive truths. Together we continue the work of gaining equality and equity for all of humanity – every month of the year.